Pixelfed - Photo Sharing. For Everyone.

After having finally decided to discontinue matrix/synapse I was wondering what to do with the free resources. At first I was toying with the idea of hosting a Peertube instance, but after realizing that Peertube was (honestly!) depending on Python 2, I didn't know what to do: Either shake my head or shake uncontrollably with laughter. Seriously, I cannot take a project depending on Python 2 (EOL: january, 2020) seriously (or trust), especially since I haven't found anywhere plans to migrate to python 3.

Well, now it's Pixelfed

Pixelfed is "A free and ethical photo sharing platform", federated (via ActivityPub), the fediverse altenatrive to Instram. After setting up a test intance and ironing out some bugs and quirks I'm opening now the live instance: Pixelfed Netzgemeinde

The small print (so to speak)

  • Pixelfed is officially still beta. However, it's very usable, it has some quirks and not everthing - like Stories or notifications - is implemented yet, but it's very good for a beta software.
  • It's - according to Pixelfed - "Photo Sharing. For Everyone.". So, it's for your own photos, not for uploading material you don't own/is copyrighted by third parties, or memes, etc - for the later there are other plattforms like Hubzilla, Mastodon, and so on. Pixelfed is meant to share your own work.
  • I have no qualms whatsoever against "offensive" works. However, you must tag them accordingly, i.e. NSFW.
  • Ich habe nichts gegen anstößige Fotos. Allerdings müssen diese dann entsprechenden - NSWF -

To sum it up: Behave yourself and use the instance for it's intended purpose :-)