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Apart from some static pages I've written some information where I can be found on the net.


Ordered by relevance, I've linked the respecitve identity/account:

Hubzilla:Starting from 2018-10-08, this is my main, virtual home after Google announced the sunset of Google+. I've written to blog articles (German only, [HUB1], [HUB2]). Here's where I'm most active, I also maintain my own, public Hub
Matrix:A decentralized, secure messenger service, like a cross between a messenger and IRC, Jabber/XMPP done right :-) My handle here is
Google+:This used to be my primary online identity. I still use it for serious discussions. However I'm shifting my activity to Hubzilla, so I'm reducing my activity there more and more - anyway, G+ will close in August, 2019.
Facebook:I'm on Facebook too, but mainly to keep contact with family & friends. I'm not very active there, if so, just for posting trivial stuff.
Github:Occasionally I'm using github for my own small project, submitting bug reports and/or pull request, but not very frequently.'s my gpg key. is an interesting alternative to the established keyservers - you can proof that your key belongs to you by a couple of means.
seti@home:My servers at Netcup are idling most of the time, so they are looking for aliens in their spare time.
Twitter:While I do have an account at twitter, I'm mostly (meaning nearly always) inactive. I haven't found any good use in Twitter. There's no way you can have a friendly, rational discussion - there's no functional threadings, no way of moderating comments, there are unchecked trolls, bots, bullies, the short length of a tweet (140/280 characters) leads to oversimplifying complex issues, leading to a distorted reality. It's a network for populists, demagogues and cyber bullies. No wonder it's Trump's favorite network. Therefore completely dissatisfying to me, I mostly use it to get status reports ("Due to <xyz>, the service has been interrupted").
Blog:My (old) wordpresslog (mostly in German), basically frozen. In addition to the old posting, there are some manuals (again, mostly in German).

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